SAP WM Course Content

Introduction to Warehouse Management

Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3
Organization Data
Warehouse Structure
WM Flow with MM/SD/PP/QM

Organization Data

Define Warehouse Organization structure

Warehouse number
Storage type
Storage section
Storage Bin
Storage Bin Structure
Storage Bin Types
Picking Area
Storage unit
Quant etc...

Master Data

Material Master

Search Strategies

Storage Type Search Strategies
Storage Section Search Strategies
Storage Bin Type Search Strategies

Transfer Requirement

Number Range for TR
Create Transfer requirement Manually
Create Transfer requirement Automatically
Settings for Automatic TR Creation
Convert TR to TO

Posting change notice

Number Ranges for PCN
Create Posting change Notice Manually
Creating PCN Automatically
Convert PCN to TO

Transfer Order

Number Ranges for TO
Create Transfer Order Manually
Create TO w.r.t Transfer Requirement
Create TO w.r.t Posting change notice no
Create TO w.r.t Material document
Create TO w.r.t Inbound delivery with ASN – Advanced Shipping Notification
Confirm the Transfer Order
Cancel the Transfer Order
Delete TO
Block and Unblock Storage Bins, Quants, Storage Types
Print TO
Set Up Auto T.O. Creation for TR’s and PCN’S
Set Up 2 – Step Picking for TR’S
Automatic TO Creation and Confirmation

Put away Strategies

Next to empty bin
Addition to existing bin
Open Storage
Fixed bin strategy
Storage Unit Type

Picking Strategies

Shelf life expired - SLED
Stringent FIFO
Fixed Bin Strategy

Warehouse Management Business Scenarios

MM Flow with Interface with WM
Material Documents Processing in WM
GR and GI  with WM
Transfer Posting in WM
1.    Plant to Plant
2.    Sloc to Sloc
3.    Stock to Stock
4.    Material to Material
STO – Stock Transport Order using WM (MM-SD-WM Interface)
Fixed Bin Replenishment
Special Movement Indicator
Stock Transfer from WM Storage Location to Non WM Storage Location
Stock Transfer from Non WM Storage Location to WM Storage Location
Stock Transfer from WM Storage Location to WM Storage Location
Stock Transfer from Storage Bin to Storage Bin

Physical Inventory Processes in WM for Continuous, Cycle Counting and Annual Inventory

Create Physical inventory record
Enter count results
Clear the difference in WM
Clear the difference in IM


Define Movement types
Define Posting Changes
Generate Interim Storage Bins
Activate Automatic T.O. Creation
Allow Negative Stocks in Interim Storage types
Goods Movement (IM) not allowed for storage types
2 Step Picking Process in SD

Warehouse Movement Types

Define Reference Movement Types for WM
Assign Reference Movement Types to WM Movement Types
Define WM Movement Types

Batch Management in WM

Condition Tables
Access Sequence
Strategy Types
WM Batch Search Procedure
Batch Status in WM
Characteristics and class
SLED In Batch in WM
Manual And Automatic Batch Display In WM

Integration of WM with PP

GR wref to Production Order
GR w/o Production Order
GI wref to Production Order
WM Material Staging for Production Supply

Integration of WM with QM

Configuration Settings and Master Data of QM for WM

Additional Topics

Storage Unit Management
Cross Docking Functionality

Wave Pick